All around the globe, hunger is claiming lives and crippling communities. Due to natural and manmade disasters, there often seems to be no relief in sight from certain starvation!

Through the donations of caring companies, faithful individuals, and other partners worldwide, much of the food necessary to meet the need is available for delivery.

GAiN works with local partners to deliver and distribute the food to communities that need it most. Your support helps to feed hungry families and proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ.


In many places around the world, healthcare workers do not have adequate medicine, medical supplies, and equipment. Consequently, people suffer from medical conditions that are treatable or even preventable.

The Global Aid Network Health Program equips healthcare workers, clinics, and hospitals with medicine, disposable medical supplies (such as gloves, syringes, and bandages) and medical equipment. Short-term trips bring medical professionals to serve in remote places, where neglected or forgotten people receive health, dental, and eye care. Deliveries of vitamins and hygiene kits help prevent diseases.

Best of all, when your support brings healthcare to impoverished or displaced people, they learn about the Great Physician.


Having the immediate needs met of clean water, nutritious food, and medical treatment, impoverished or displaced people need help building a better and brighter future--especially after wars or natural disasters have left them with nothing.

That is why GAiN and our partners throughout the developing world provide shelter, blankets, clothing, shoes, school supplies, and other items necessary for rebuilding households and communities.